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Collections of Paintings in Madrid 1601-1755
Collections of Paintings in Madrid 1601-1755

Marcus B. Burke and Peter Cherry
Edited by Maria L. Gilbert

Getty Research Institute
Part 1: 1082 pages Part 2: 723 pages, 7 1/4 x 9 3/4 inches
99 b/w illustrations
ISBN 978-0-89236-496-1
hardcover, Out of Print  1997

"[An] admirable work of scholarship."
Art Book


This compilation of 140 inventories from Madrid archives includes artist and subject indexes for more than sixteen thousand paintings and other works of art. The inventories represent many of the aristocratic family collections in the Spanish capital during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries—the golden age of Spanish art—as well as the collections of less prominent members of the court. In addition to works by Spanish artists, many collections contained works brought from Italy and Flanders and represent the activity of international figures who were familiar with developments throughout Europe.

This publication was produced by the Getty Provenance Index.

This title is out of print. Please look for it at your local libraries and/or used bookstores.

Series: Documents for the History of Collecting