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Exploring World Art
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Exploring World Art

Andrea Belloli

J. Paul Getty Museum
120 pages, 9 x 11 inches

ISBN 978-0-89236-510-4
hardcover, $27.50  Order

"Beautifully designed and well-planned, carefully and simple written with high-quality reproductions. Fine browsing for all the family."
Associated Press

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This colorful introduction to world art brings together seemingly unrelated objects—such as an Aztec calendar stone and a Netherlandish still life—to help children make connections between the work of art and their own lives. The art is divided into chapters on Time and Space, Other Worlds, Daily Life, History and Myth, and the World of Nature.

Here ancient Egyptian mummies accompany a native Alaskan mask to illustrate how various cultures have expressed belief in spirits and the afterlife, while an early American quilt and an artifact from a Polynesian chief both serve as artistic representations of daily life. An ideal resource for educators and parents, Exploring World Art will help children think about art and its various roles in society. For ages ten and up.

Andrea Belloli is an author and editor, and the creator of Make Your Own Museum, an activity kit for children.

For sale in North America only.

Price: $27.50  Order

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