Diana and Her Nymphs on the Hunt
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Gift of J. Paul Getty
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Workshop of Peter Paul Rubens
Flemish, Antwerp, about 1615
Oil on canvas
111 7/8 x 71 in.

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The robust figure of Diana strides into the foreground, swathed in a blood-red robe and clasping a spear behind her back. Much activity surrounds her: a dog jumps up at her side and a satyr tries to steal a kiss from one of her nymphs as another figure shouts behind him. The rhythmic composition, colors, and textures create a lifelike sensuousness, demonstrating the Flemish painter's mastery of Venetian color and his study of Roman art.

Peter Paul Rubens ran a prolific workshop and was able to meet the demand for his pictures by using assistants extensively. Images like this one were designed by Rubens, painted by the assistants, and given finishing touches by the master.