Salt Lake City Municipal Airport, Utah
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© 1984 The Estate of Garry Winogrand

Garry Winogrand
American, Salt Lake City, 1964
Gelatin silver print
8 15/16 x 13 1/2 in.

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This image looks spontaneously made, but is in fact carefully composed. A railing juts into the picture's center, leading to a man standing in a balcony corner. He is not looking at the tarmac and runways below him but at his wife and child nearby. The photographer, Garry Winogrand, also captures the mother, teetering in her high heels, as she playfully interacts with her daughter. Winogrand captured the couple's other children, too, as they disregard a "keep off the fence" sign in order to see the plane below.

Winogrand apparently disliked air travel, but loved photographing in airports. He lingered there himself to watch how passengers and visitors spent time as they waited for their flights. Although Winogrand sought out certain places, his images are really about the people who, however briefly, inhabit them. This photograph, certainly, may be more of a social observation on family than it is an observation of a specific place, the airport.