Revd. James Julius Wood, Greyfriars' Church
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Hill & Adamson
Scottish, October 22, 1843
Salt print
7 13/16 x 5 9/16 in.

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David Hill and Robert Adamson frequently exercised artistic license in their photographs. Faint traces of a headrest, an apparatus used to restrict a sitter's movement, indicate that the negative was changed to mask this tool. They also altered the original negative for this image to include a specific reference to the Rev. James Julius Wood's position: the title Scotch Church Malta 1843drawn in ink on the book he holds. Wood was chaplain to the 42nd Gordon Highlanders, a group of soldiers stationed on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

Hill used this calotype as the basis for Wood's portrait in The Disruption Picture, even though the minister may not have been present at the signing ceremony. The adjustments suggest that Hill and Adamson did not view their photographs as mere preparatory sketches but rather as independent works of art.