Frank Pape, Arrested for Homicide
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© International Center of Photography

Weegee (Arthur Fellig)
American, NYC, November 10, 1944
Gelatin silver print
10 5/8 x 13 5/16 in.

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The men, women, and children who commit murders always fascinate me...I will say one thing for the men and women who kill...they are Ladies and Gentlemen...cooperating with me so I will get a good shot of them.

-- Weegee from Naked City

In this classic Weegee image, sixteen-year old Frank Pape sits in a "pie wagon," accused of strangling a four-year old boy. Weegee often used windows and fences as visual elements to frame and thus draw attention to his subjects. Here, the wagon door's chain-link fencing creates a dominant pattern, brightened by proximity to Weegee's intense flashbulb. The fence seems to isolate Pape's face and hands within diamonds of crisscrossing wire. This draws attention to the youth's lost-in-thought expression and symbolically hints at his narrowing options.