Delancey Street, New York
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© Estate of Lisette Model, courtesy Baudoin Lebon/Keitelman

Lisette Model
American, New York City, about 1942
Gelatin silver print
13 1/2 x 10 11/16 in.

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A large man sits slumped on his chair, his head bent forward to his chest in slumber, his torn and stained shirt stretched to its limits across his belly. He leans on the chair back and nearby railing to support his weight, since his surprisingly small foot, barely longer than his pant cuff, appears inadequate for the balancing job. On the left, a baby's stroller suggests a domestic scene, its curved handle well within his grasp should he awaken to discover it there. The upside-down poster for theater entertainment and the graffiti-marked brick wall along Delancey Street, a working-class neighborhood in New York, frame the subject and hint at the world in which he lives.