Female Figure with a Tibia, and Ornamental Studies (recto); Ornamental Studies (verso)
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Attributed to Raphael
Italian, about 1504 - 1508
Pen and brown ink
12 x 7 7/16 in.

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This woman holds a tibia , a reed pipe that was the principal wind instrument of most ancient peoples. In her relaxed contrapposto pose, this figure reflects the new interest in classical antiquity that marked Renaissance art. Scholars have attributed the drawing to the young Raphael Sanzio. His classicism exhibited calmness and grace as well as an interest in selective emphasis of details; here he subtly focused on the woman's chin and left leg. His work also revealed floating, melodic lines, such as the one that defines the woman's body from shoulder to foot.

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Verso: Ornamental Studies
Verso: Ornamental Studies