Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri
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© Eggleston Artistic Trust

William Eggleston
American, Fort Leonardwood, Missouri, probably 1967
Gelatin silver print
10 15/16 x 16 9/16 in.

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A very tall man, his height comparable to that of a stop sign nearby, walks toward the photographer. The man's height and stiff posture echo the rigid signpost's; at left, the elongated shadows of sign and man reach along the curve of the road to a nondescript building in the background. In William Eggleston's minimalist composition, the incidental elements of the landscape--telephone poles, a fire hydrant, and the building--draw almost as much attention as this anonymous local man.

Eggleston's image describes the empty, transitional, forgettable spaces between urban and rural areas of the South in the 1960s. Eggleston recorded Memphis-area neighborhoods and people as if they were the subjects of a diary, and his familiarity with them pervades his images.