Job on the Dung Heap
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Daniel Lindtmayer
Swiss, 1581
Pen and black ink with gray wash
15 5/8 x 12 3/8 in.

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His body covered with sores, the Old Testament hero Job sits on a heap of dung wearing only a loincloth. To the left stand his wife, hands impatiently on her hips, and his mocking friends. With long horns and a forked tongue, Satan claws at Job from behind. Armed figures steal Job's cattle in the background, while his children flee a burning house. God allowed Satan to devise this series of afflictions and humiliations to torment Job and test his faith.

Daniel Lindtmayer made this study for a stained-glass window, filling not only the circular central scene but also the surrounding frame with moralizing details. The figures of Patience, with a lamb, and Hope, with an anchor, perch on either side, references to the noble qualities that Job possessed. Lush bunches of fruit and vegetables ornament the design.