Greenwood, Mississippi
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© Eggleston Artistic Trust
Gift of Caldecot Chubb

William Eggleston
American, Greenwood, Mississippi, 1973
Dye transfer print
13 7/8 x 21 11/16 in.

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"The Red Ceiling" is so powerful that, in fact, I've never seen it reproduced on the page to my satisfaction. When you look at a dye-transfer print it's like it's red blood that is wet on the wall. The photograph was like a Bach exercise for me because I knew that red was the most difficult color to work with. A little red is usually enough, but to work with an entire surface was a challenge. It was hard to do. I don't know of any totally red pictures, except in advertising. The photograph is still powerful. It shocks you every time.

Thus William Eggleston explained the challenge behind the neutral gaze and obvious subject matter of this photograph.