Poolroom at Nora's Midway Truck Stop, US 43, Grove Hill, Alabama
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© Jim Dow
Gift of Nancy and Bruce Berman

Jim Dow
American, Grove Hill, Alabama, negative 1979; print 1996
Chromogenic print
20 x 24 in.

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A dingy, graffiti-laced room in Nora's Midway Truck stop suggests a scattered, rag-tag clientele stopping occasionally to pick up a game, perhaps to improve their transient fortunes with a confident bet. Pool cues stand idle on either side of the meager window, awaiting players to rescue them from inertia. Three orange plastic chairs and the worn green felt on the pool table punctuate the dirty brown room like fragmented bursts of light and contribute contrasting colors to the image. Years of wear and grime have settled on every surface. Jim Dow evocatively captured the gritty detail of a brief respite offered up to travelers passing through.