Interior of the Tomb of Louis Phillippe and the Orléans Family
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Gift of Deborah and Joseph Goldyne in honor of Nicholas Turner

François-Marius Granet
French, 1845
Pen and brown ink over graphite
8 15/16 x 13 15/16 in.

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One of the rounded arches in the tomb of the French King Louis-Philippe forms the dark frame of this scene, drawing the viewer's eye into the lighter interior beyond. The strong perspectival grid of the floor tiles anchors the scene, while the repeating patterns of the arches above and the large tombs of the Orléans family in the side alcove create another design. In contrast to the massive architectural forms, the priests, choir boys, and female parishioners who kneel in prayer seem small and insignificant.

François-Marius Granet specialized in scenes where the changing patterns of light became the focus of dimly lit interiors. In one of his few works to be completed in pen and ink alone, Granet further emphasized the strong effects of light and dark by using hatching and cross-hatching. He delighted in exploring the visual impact of varied, dense lines, suggesting textures and surfaces with numerous delicate strokes.

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