Eva and Daughter
© Milton Rogovin

Milton Rogovin
American, Buffalo, New York, 1973, 1985, 1992
Gelatin silver print


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Milton Rogovin photographed inhabitants of the Lower West Side district of Buffalo, New York, over a period of twenty years. The process allowed the photographer and the viewer to witness the development of several families. In this triptych, Rogovin illustrated the evolution of one family. In the first frame, Eva appears as a single mother, not far removed from childhood herself. Mother and daughter, both heavily bundled against the cold, stand on the grimy, littered sidewalk, suggesting, perhaps, that on this first encounter the photographer was not invited into the private space of their home.

The second photograph shows Eva and her daughter standing in front of the television set at home, surrounded by familial and religious images. Their age difference seems so small that they could be mistaken for sisters. The final photograph, made nineteen years after the first, portrays Eva as a grandmother and her daughter as a mother of three. Their surroundings are now considerably richer with personal effects, connoting a more comfortable and secure home life.