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Nivardus of Milan  

active: about 1000 - about 1025

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Scholars believe that Nivardus of Milan, who was active around the year 1000, illuminated manuscripts for the bishop of Milan in Lombardy, Italy, before being summoned to the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Beno?t-sur-Loire, France. A contemporary writer recorded that abbot Gauzlin, one of the great patrons of his time and half-brother to King Robert the Pious, had Nivardus make a crucifix, described as of "wonderful workmanship." Nivardus probably also illuminated manuscripts while at Saint-Beno?t, including one commissioned by Robert the Pious and another that was given to Robert by the bishop of Beauvais.

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Sacramentary / Nivardus of Milan

Ottonian, about 1000

Crucifixion / Nivardus of Milan

Ottonian, about 1000

Initial D / Nivardus of Milan
Initial D

Ottonian, about 1000