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William Greiner  

b. 1957 New Orleans, Louisiana

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"At the age of twelve, I bought my first camera by mail order. It was a cheap 35mm model with no light meter. I would spend hours in front of my house photographing automobiles as they passed. The process was an experiment in exposing film in different ways and achieving different results. This experience hooked me on the magic of the medium." --William Greiner

As a student, William Greiner became friends with a young woman from Memphis, Tennessee, whose father happened to be a patron of color photographer William Eggleston. She introduced Greiner to his work through the catalog for William Eggleston's Guide, an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. On a school break in Memphis, Greiner was introduced to the older photographer and they became friends. Greiner later studied color photography in Boston with Jim Dow. Returning to New Orleans in 1986, he worked as a real estate consultant and did not photograph regularly again until 1989. Since that time, he has completed six bodies of photographic work in color. One project, The Reposed, publishes his Louisiana cemetery photographs.

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Coffee Can Wreath / Greiner
Coffee Can Wreath

American, 1989