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Jacob Jordaens  

b. 1593 Antwerp, Belgium, d. 1678 Antwerp, Belgium
painter; draftsman

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From the time of Peter Paul Rubens's death in 1640 until 1660, Jacob Jordaens was in greater demand than any other artist in northern Europe. He remained Antwerp's leading figure painter until his death. Unlike most of his contemporaries, Jordaens never went to Italy; he was born and lived his whole life in Antwerp, where he and his friend Rubens shared the same teacher.

In the 1620s Jordaens built a flourishing studio while also frequently assisting Rubens. His style is based on Rubens's exuberance, with stronger chiaroscuro and thicker impasto. Despite converting from Catholicism to Calvinism in mid-life, Jordaens received numerous commissions for Catholic churches. A masterful technician, Jordaens' prolific output includes altarpieces, portraits, genre, and mythological scenes. He also produced watercolors, tapestry designs, and engravings. His late works include large genre scenes of drinking parties.

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Man Kneeling / Jordaens
Man Kneeling

Flemish, about 1630

Head of a Woman / Jordaens
Head of a Woman

Flemish, about 1635

Merry Company / Jordaens
Merry Company

Flemish, about 1644

Moses Striking / Jordaens
Moses Striking

Flemish, about 1645