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Giovanni Francesco Susini  

b. 1585 Florence, Italy, d. about 1653

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Giovanni Francesco Susini began his studies in the workshop of his uncle, Antonio Susini, one of the closest assistants of the internationally known sculptor Giambologna. As an adolescent, Giovanni was also hired to work in Giambologna's workshop. In 1624 he traveled to Rome, where he studied newly discovered antique statues.

Although he worked as a sculptor on major public commissions for civic, religious, and private patrons, including pieces for the Medici, Susini is best known as a caster. After his uncle's death, Giovanni took over the family bronze foundry. Filippo Baldinucci, Giambologna's biographer, recorded that Giovanni and Antonio Susini kept Giambologna's models after the great artist's death and continued to cast from them.

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Lion Attacking / Susini & Giambologna
Lion Attacking

Italian, 1600-1625

Lion Attacking / Susini & Giambologna
Lion Attacking

Italian, 1600 - 1625

Abduction of Helen / G. F. Susini
Abduction of Helen

Italian, 1627