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Félix Jacques Moulin  

b. 1802 Paris, d. 1869

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A "specialist in académies" was how Félix Jacques Moulin listed himself in city business directories when he opened a photographic studio in Paris in 1851. Académies, or artists' studies, was the polite term for nude studies, which frequently bordered on the pornographic; that same year Moulin was arrested for the possession and sale of "obscene objects." He was sentenced to a month in prison and fined but was not deterred. He continued to sell académies to artists and other interested consumers.

Moulin also purchased the rights from Roger Fenton's publisher to sell Fenton's Crimean War photographs. In 1856 Moulin traveled to Algeria, where he made city views and studies of the country's inhabitants.

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Female Nude / Moulin
Female Nude

French, 1856

Moorish Woman / Moulin
Moorish Woman

French, about 1856