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Charles Marville  

b. 1816 Paris, d. 1879

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Originally trained as a painter, engraver, and illustrator, Charles Marville became known as a landscape and architecture photographer. He traveled to Italy, Germany, and Algeria and used both paper and glass plate negatives. In the late 1850s the city of Paris commissioned Marville to document the ancient quarters of the city before encroaching urban modernization changed them forever. He photographed renovations and new construction, including the new Paris Opéra. Marville was also commissioned by the Musée du Louvre to make reproductions of artworks in their collection. He was named official photographer of Paris in 1862.

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The Left Bank / Marville
The Left Bank

French, 1851-1855

Rue Tirechappe / Marville
Rue Tirechappe

French, 1860-1870

Horse Market / Marville
Horse Market

French, 1860

Double Doorway / Marville
Double Doorway

French, 1865

Rue de Bourdonnais / Marville
Rue de Bourdonnais

French, 1865