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Pacino di Bonaguida  

active: about 1302 - 1340
painter; illuminator

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Twentieth-century scholars have reconstructed Pacino da Bonaguida's career, based upon his only known signed painting: an altarpiece in the Accademia Gallery in Florence. After examining many paintings, one scholar in the 1930s rescued Pacino from obscurity; based on close similarities in style, he attributed many paintings to Pacino.

Pacino spent his entire career in Florence, where, in addition to altarpeices, he painted miniatures and decorations for illuminated manuscripts. He is now considered the inventor of miniaturism, a style distinguished by a clear organization of the painting surface into multiple small-scale scenes. The Getty Museum's Chiarito Tabernacle shows the strong sense of expressiveness and drama for which Pacino is known.

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Chiarito Tabernacle / Pacino
Chiarito Tabernacle

Italian, about 1340s

Ascension / Pacino

Italian, about 1340

Saint Lawrence / Pacino di Bonaguida
Saint Lawrence

Italian, about 1340