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Silas A. Holmes  

b. 1820, d. 1886

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"On fair days those passing over the [Broadway] Bridge would be called to attention by the bugle of a photographer, who hoped to profit by the pictures taken from a window on Broadway."

This quote from an article about Manhattan's Broadway Bridge describes how Silas A. Holmes, a photographer who maintained a studio on Broadway, attracted the attention of people on the bridge. In an 1867 advertisement, Holmes offered photographs of the bridge and its pedestrians taken at every hour of the day. Although Holmes was a well-known New York City photographer who had a reputation as an entrepreneurial promoter of his craft, very little is now known about his life. Working throughout the mid 1800s, he made many pictures of New York City's buildings and neighborhoods during a period of rapid growth, when residents were migrating uptown and commerce was taking over downtown. He is also known to have made photographs in West Virginia depicting sites ravaged by the Civil War.

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Broadway / Holmes

American, about 1853

St. Paul's Chapel / Holmes
St. Paul's Chapel

American, about 1855

14th St. with Union Sq. / Holmes
14th St. with Union Sq.

American, about 1855

Fifth Avenue / Holmes
Fifth Avenue

American, about 1855