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Hans Schilling  

active:1459 - 1467 Haguenau

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In 1459, Hans Schilling of Haguenau signed and dated a manuscript of Rudolf von Ems's World Chronicle , now in Colmar, France. He identified himself as both the scribe and the illuminator of the manuscript, which boasts 516 colored drawings. It is uncertain whether he should be identified with an artist of the same name active in Lucerne in the 1460s.

Schilling almost certainly worked as an illuminator for Dieboldt Lauber-a bookseller, scribe, and writing teacher of Haguenau who organized the production of at least 50 German-language illuminated manuscripts, in addition to many Latin-language manuscripts, during the course of his 40-year career. Schilling's drawings are remarkable for their bold coloring and the idiosyncratic wide eyes and pursed lips of the figures.

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Barlaam Josaphat / Hans Schilling
Barlaam Josaphat

German, 1469

Blind Man and Beggar / Hans Schilling
Blind Man and Beggar

German, 1469

Josaphat Speaking / Schilling
Josaphat Speaking

French, 1469

Crossing Red Sea / Hans Schilling
Crossing Red Sea

German, 1469

Baptism / Hans Schilling

German, 1469