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Get Rembrandt for Your Pocket PC

Have a pocket PC? Experience at home what visitors to Rembrandt's Late Religious Portraits at the Getty Center in Los Angeles are enjoying in the gallery: all the information on this exhibition Web site on a handheld computer for you to read and enjoy at your own pace—free!

Explore details of the paintings, read curators' commentary, and hear curator Anne Woollett and artist John Nava share their thoughts about these powerful images.

What You'll Need
You'll need pocket PC with a 320 x 240 resolution touchscreen, the Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system, and at least 4.1 MB of hard disk space.

Please note that this file may not function correctly on a desktop or laptop.

How To Download
Plug your pocket PC in to the computer you are using to read this page.

Click the link below to download the zipped file. Save the zipped file to your hard disk, unzip it to your desktop, then save it to your pocket PC.

Navigate to the folder on your Pocket PC where you saved your file and double-click the file name or icon to open it.

Download Rembrandt for pocket PC (3.5 MB)

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