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November 4, 2003–January 25, 2004 at the Getty Center

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Browse reactions of other viewers below. These reactions were submitted to this site between November 4, 2003 and January 25, 2004. The site is now closed to new reactions. The opinions presented here may have been edited and do not reflect the opinions of the Getty.

Posted 01/20/04 by Wtin Jalanugraha, in Sherman Oaks, California
Speechless. Thank you so much!

Posted 01/19/04 by Robert, in Northridge, CA
FANTASTIC!!! I've seen a few of Houdon's pieces but never in any one place. My hats go off to all the staff that put together this fantastic exhibition!

Posted 01/14/04 by Mike Rolf, in Minnesota
I saw the exhibition in LA. It gave me a whole new appreciation for sculpture. Houdon's work is amazing. I highly recommend this exhibition and the rest of the museum, indoors and out. What an incredible place.

Posted 1/12/04 by Mary J. Montana, in Helena, Montana
Wonderful sense of soul through human hands of the Sculptor.

Posted 01/09/04 by Harry D. Robbins, in Okeechobee, FL

Posted 01/09/04 by David Deschenes, in Everett, WA
What a beautiful Web site you have. The art reminds me of what is truly important in life. Thank you.

Posted 01/09/04 by Gib Amstutz, in Atlanta, GA
Fabulous! Simply the finest and most moving sculpture I have ever enjoyed. Houdon captures life!

Posted 01/09/04 by Liana Sandin, in Nebraska
This is a wonderful exhibition, and I'm so glad to be able to see some of it online.

Posted 12/27/03 by Toni Pebbles, in San Francisco, CA
I was absolutely mesmerized by Morpheus, captivated by Molière and fascinated by Winter. This exhibition brought sculpture alive to me in a way it never has been before. Many thanks to the Getty.

Posted 11/29/03 by Charles Clopton, in Valley Village, CA
I attended Jonathan Bickart's demonstration last Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Mr. Bickart's enthusiasm was infectious and his knowledge of Houdon was amazing. The exhibition was beautifully presented. Thank you.

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