• Bronze Portrait of Tiberius

Following a year-long conservation project and subsequent exhibition (Tiberius: Portrait of an Emperor, October 16, 2013–March 3, 2014), this over-life size bronze portrait of Tiberius from Herculaneum remains on view at the Getty Villa. Marking the two thousandth anniversary of Tiberius's accession as Emperor, the statue is displayed in a gallery devoted to Men in Antiquity (209). There he stands in the company of busts of other Roman emperors, including his predecessor Augustus and successor Caligula.

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Statue of Tiberius

On loan from the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples, this statue and its exhibition represent the J. Paul Getty Museum's ongoing collaboration with museums in Italy. Generous support for the exhibition and this presentation was provided by the J. Paul Getty Museum's Villa Council.