Imitation of a Proto-Corinthian Aryballos in the Shape of an Owl

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Imitation of a Proto-Corinthian Aryballos in the Shape of an Owl






Europe (?) (Place Created)


20th century



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12.5 cm (4 15/16 in.)

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This aryballos is shaped like an owl. The neck has been shaped into the owl's head with the hooked beak and large round eyes painted with red and brown pigment. The rest of the head is painted in brown with red dots. The mouth of the vessel has a wave pattern running to the right around the opening and a Z-shaped decoration around the rim. The upper part off the body is devoted to feathers and wings done in red and brown. Underneath, at the front, are two confronting sphinxes; on the back are two confronting lions. Dot rosettes appear in the field on both sides. The lower register has four dogs to the right. At the foot is an upward pointing ray pattern. The vessel is reconstructed from fragments and the handle has broken off.

- 1979

Jiri Frel, Czech, 1923 - 2006 (Los Angeles, California), donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1979.

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