The Rue Mosnier with Flags

Object Details


The Rue Mosnier with Flags


Édouard Manet (French, 1832 - 1883)




France (Place created)




Oil on canvas


65.4 × 80 cm (25 3/4 × 31 1/2 in.)

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To commemorate the recent Exposition Universelle, itself a celebration of luxury and prosperity, the French government declared June 30, 1878, a national holiday. The holiday, called the Fête de la Paix (Celebration of Peace), also marked France's recovery from the disastrous Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871 and the bloody, divisive Paris Commune that followed. From his second-floor window, Édouard Manet captured the holiday afternoon with his most precise, staccato brushwork in a patriotic harmony of the reds, whites, and blues of the French flag that waves from the new buildings' windows.

The urban street was a principal subject of Impressionist and Modernist painting; many artists aimed to show not only the transformation and growth of the Industrial Age but how it also affected society. Manet's eyes saw both elegant passengers in hansom cabs and, in the foreground, a worker carrying a ladder. The hunched amputee on crutches, perhaps a war veteran or beggar, passes by fenced-in debris left from the construction of a new train track. Manet's sensitivity to the associated costs and sacrifices tempered his optimistic view of national pride and newfound prosperity.

1879 -

Possibly Roger de Portalis (Paris, France)

1879 -

or Fernand Barroil (Marseille, France)

by 1894 - 1898

Jean-Baptiste Faure, French, 1830 - 1914 (Paris, France), on consignment to Durand-Ruel & Cie, 1894.


Durand-Ruel & Cie (New York, New York; Paris, France), sold to Auguste Pellerin, 1898.

1898 - still in 1910

Auguste Pellerin, 1852 - 1929 (Paris, France)

by 1911 - 1913

Marczell de Nemes von Janoshaza, 1866 - 1930 (Budapest, Hungary; Munich, Germany) [sold, Nemes sale, Galerie Manzi, Joyant, Paris, June 18, 1913, lot 110, through G. Biermann to Baron Herzog.]
Source: GRI, annotated Nemes sale catalogue

1913 -

Baron Herzog (Budapest, Hungary)

by 1932 - 1955

Jakob Goldschmidt, died 1955 (Berlin, Germany; New York, New York), 1955.

1955 - 1958

Estate of Jakob Goldschmidt, died 1955 [sold, Goldschmidt sale, Sotheby's, London, October 15, 1958, lot 3, through G. Keller to Paul Mellon.]
Source: GRI, annotated Goldschmidt sale catalogue.

1958 - 1989

Paul Mellon, 1907 - 1999 (Upperville, Virginia) [sold, Mellon sale, Christie's, New York, November 14, 1989, lot 7, to the J. Paul Getty Museum 1989.]

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