The "Piebald" Horse

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The "Piebald" Horse


Paulus Potter (Dutch, 1625 - 1654)




about 1650–1654


Oil on canvas

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50.2 × 45.1 cm (19 3/4 × 17 3/4 in.)

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Silhouetted against rolling, stormy, clouds, a gray, spotted horse stands, turning its head slightly to suggest its alertness to its surroundings. Paulus Potter, the finest Dutch animal painter of his day, described the horse with scrupulous attention to physical detail: the glossy sheen of its coat and mane, the watery moistness of its eye, and the sleekly elegant lines of the animal's body. At the same time, the artist imbued the horse with an individualized personality that combines wildness with acute sensitivity. Indeed, the animal seems to respond to the distant sound of the hunt transpiring in the middle distance.

The meaning of the painting is twofold. It is probably a horse portrait, perhaps commissioned by the owner of the country house at the right. The closely observed rendering of this domestic animal implies the pride of ownership that a wealthy Dutch landowner might have taken in the possession of such livestock. On the other hand, the horse is untethered and seems to roam free. His immaculate grooming and position before cultivated fields, however, imply that the source of Dutch prosperity lay in the control that humans were able to exert over brute nature.

- 1772

Possibly Johan Aegidiusz van der Marck, 1707 - 1772, upon his death, probably held in trust by the estate.
Source: According to Le Brun sale 1811, lot 129 (description).

1772 - 1773

Possibly Estate of Johan Aegidiusz van der Marck, 1707 - 1772, probably sold to Jean-Baptiste-Pierre Lebrun by private treaty sale, 1773.

1773 -

Jean-Baptiste-Pierre Lebrun, 1748 - 1813

- 1787

Chevalier Lambert [sold, Lambert sale, Lebrun, Paris, March 27, 1787, lot 117, to Jean-Baptiste-Pierre Lebrun.]

1787 -

Jean-Baptiste-Pierre Lebrun, 1748 - 1813
Source: annotated auction catalogue (RKD).

1787 - 1810

Pieter de Smeth van Alphen, heer van Alphen en Rietveld, 1753 - 1809, upon his death, held in trust by the estate.

1809 - 1810

Estate of Pieter de Smeth van Alphen, heer van Alphen en Rietveld, 1753 - 1809 [sold, De Smeth van Alphen sale, Van der Schley et al., Amsterdam, August 1, 1810, through Texier, Gerbet, & Co., to Jean-Baptiste-Pierre Lebrun for 655 florins.]

1810 - 1811

Jean-Baptiste-Pierre Lebrun, 1748 - 1813 [sold, Lebrun sale, Paris, April 16, 1811, lot 129, to André Coquille for 1810 francs.]

1811 -

André Coquille, died 1831

- 1826

Probably James-Alexandre de Pourtalès, Comte de Pourtalès, 1776 - 1855 [sold, De Pourtalès sale, Phillips, London, May 19, 1826, lot 102, to William Norton.]

1826 -

William Norton

after 1826 - before 1896

Baron Hastings


Martin H. Colnaghi, 1821 - 1908, sold to Charles Sedelmeyer, March 9, 1896, for £600.
Source: Ripps 2010, p. 47.


Charles Sedelmeyer, 1837 - 1925, sold to Adolphe Schloss, May 26, 1896, for 20,000 francs.
Source: Ripps 2010, p. 107.

1896 - 1910

Adolphe Schloss, 1842 - 1910, by inheritance to his wife, Lucie Schloss, 1910.

1910 - 1938

Lucie (Haas) Schloss, 1858 - 1938, by inheritance to her children, Lucien Schloss, Henri Schloss, Raymond Schloss, and Juliette (Schloss) Weil, 1938.

1938 - 1943

Marguerite Schloss, 1879 - 1959

1938 - 1943

Lucien Schloss, 1881 - 1962

1938 - 1943

Henri Schloss, 1882 - 1964

1938 - 1943

Raymond Schloss

1938 - 1943

and Juliette (Schloss) Weil, born 1885


In the possession of the Vichy government of France, sequestered by the French State Museums in the Musée du Louvre, Paris, 1943.

1943 - 1945

Musée du Louvre, restituted to the heirs of the Schloss Family, 1945.

1945 - 1951

Schloss Family Heirs [sold, Schloss sale, Galerie Charpentier, Rheims & Baudoin, Paris, December 5, 1951, lot 44, to George Renand.]

1951 - 1988

Georges Renand [sold, Renand sale, Drouot Montaigne, Ryaux & Turquin, Paris, May 31, 1988, to the J. Paul Getty Museum.]

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