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Apulian Red-Figure Krater with Mascarons

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Apulian Red-Figure Krater with Mascarons


Baltimore Painter (South Italian (Apulian))


Greek (South Italian, Apulian)


Apulia, South Italy (Place Created)


about 330–320 B.C.



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86 cm (33 7/8 in.)

Credit Line:

Gift of Gordon McLendon

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Object Description

A, side of lip: egg pattern; under lip: wave. Neck: bead and reel; wreath with berried leaves; central rosette. Shoulder: between reserved bands, tongues;egg pattern. B, side of lip: egg pattern; under lip: wave. Neck: band of white dots on black; between reserved bands, berried laurel wreath with central rosette. A and B, below scene and encircling vase: meander band. Beneath handles: two superimposed palmettes. Handle medallions: A, female heads in white. B, female heads in reserve black. Subject A, within a naiskos, a woman pouring a libation to a warrior standing beside a horse. Outside the naiskos are four figures, two male and two female, arranged chiastically. On the neck, Nike behind a biga drawn by white horses; in front of them, an attendant Eros, with whip. B, youth in red-figure.


Gordon McLendon, donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1977.

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