Astronomer by Candlelight

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Astronomer by Candlelight


Gerrit Dou (Dutch, 1613 - 1675)




Netherlands, Europe (Place created)


1655 to 1659


Oil on panel


32 × 21.2 cm (12 5/8 × 8 3/8 in.)

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In an arched, window-like opening, an astronomer works late into the night. Concentrating, he reads an astronomical treatise and measures the distance between two points on a celestial globe. The candle he holds provides the only source of light; it illuminates his face, the book, the precious globe, the beaker of water, and his hourglass.

Strong contrasts between light and dark show the painter Gerrit Dou's knowledge of a popular Baroque technique known as chiaroscuro. Carefully rendering minute details such as the handwriting in the book, the texture of the glass flask, and the folds in the astronomer's cloak was Dou's special talent. Collectors treasured these small, detailed paintings for pleasurable observation in their private rooms.

- 1706

Possibly Adriaen Jansz. van Hoek (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) [Hoek sale, Zomer, Amsterdam, April 7, 1706, lot 2.]

- 1734

Willem Six, 1662 - 1733 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) [sold, Six sale, Schoemaker, ten Brink, Amsterdam, May 12, 1734, lot 18.]


Possibly Wilhelm VII, landgraf von Hessen-Kassel

- 1817

Lapeyrière (Paris, France) [sold, Lapeyrière sale, Lacoste, Paris, April 14, 1817, lot 19, to Charles Paillet, for 7100 francs.]

1817 -

Charles Paillet (Paris, France)

- 1826

Joseph Barchard (England) [sold, Barchard sale, Christie's, London, May 6, 1826, lot 12, to John Smith.]


John Smith (London, England), sold to William Beckford, 1826.

1826 - by 1829

William Beckford, 1760 - 1844 (Fonthill Abbey, Wiltshire, England; Bath, Avon, England), by exchange with Abraham Hume, by 1829.

by 1829 -

Sir Abraham Hume, second Bart., 1749 - 1838 (London, England)

by 1839 - 1864

Richard Hobart Fitzgibbon, third earl of Clare, 1793 - 1864 (London, England) [sold, Clare sale, Christie's, London, June 17, 1864, lot 38, to William Delafield.]
Source: Graves, Art Sales.

1864 - 1870

William Delafield (London, England) [sold, Delafield sale, Christie's, London, April 30, 1870, lot 79, through Martin H. Colnaghi (London, England) to Albert Levy.]

1870 - 1876

Albert Lévy (London, England) [sold, Levy sale, Christie's, London, April 6, 1876, lot 329, to Piercer.]

1876 -

Source: Graves, Art Sales.

by 1888 - still in 1911

Barclay Field, Esq., 1835 - 1892 (London, England)

- 1971

John Jacob Astor, first baron Astor of Hever, 1886 - 1971 (Hever Castle, Edenbridge, Kent, England), by inheritance to Gavin Astor, 1971.

1971 - 1983

Gavin Astor, second baron Astor of Hever, 1918 - 1984 (Hever Castle, Edenbridge, Kent, England) [sold, Astor of Hever sale, Sotheby's, London, July 6, 1983, lot 80, sold to Johnny Van Haeften.]

1983 -

Johnny Van Haeften (London, England)

- 1986

Gerald Guterman (New York, New York), sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1986.

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