Attic Black-Figure Droop Cup

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Attic Black-Figure Droop Cup


Greek (Attic)


Athens, Greece, Europe (Place created)


520 B.C.



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8.1 × 21.5 × 15.2 cm (3 3/16 × 8 7/16 × 6 in.)

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Gift of Gordon McLendon

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Interior: all black, save reserved line within rim and small tondo, which has a central black dot within two concentric circles. Exterior: Scenes of lovemaking. Sides A and B: three pairs of men and women engaged in intercourse; on both sides, the female in the central group bends over a stool. Underneath the frieze are four concentric bands, a thick band of red and three concentric bands, ivy leaves (facing outward), four concentric bands, a thick red band, and rays. Under handles are open lotuses with flanking palmettes on either side of the handles. The foot has a red moulding at top and a reserved band, but is otherwise black. The underside is reserved, except for three concentric circles, and part of the hollow of the foot.

- 1977

Bruce McNall


Gordon McLendon, donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1977.

Paintings on Vases in Ancient Greece (April 11 to September 15, 1980)
  • Bowers Museum (Santa Ana), April 11 to September 15, 1980

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