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Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase

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Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase


Gustave Courbet (French, 1819 - 1877)






Oil on canvas

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100.3 × 73.3 cm (39 1/2 × 28 7/8 in.)

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Object Description

Gustave Courbet, who had previously painted less than a handful of flower pictures, took up the genre enthusiastically during a stay in western France in 1862. Intending to visit his friend Etienne Baudry for two weeks, he arrived at the garden enthusiast's château in May and remained in the area for eleven months. With his friend's encouragement, Courbet explored flower painting using Baudry's extensive gardens, greenhouses, and library of botanical books. He painted about twenty flower pictures and remarked to a friend, "I am coining money out of flowers."

Courbet had visited Holland in 1847 and his exposure there to Dutch flower painting is evident. His arrangement shares the exuberant spontaneity and abundance of Dutch artist Jan Van Huysum's Vase of Flowers. Like his Netherlandish forebears, Courbet chose flowers that bloom at different times of the year: lilies, roses, gladioli, stock, asters, ipomoeas, poppies, and others. While he typically eschewed allegory, Courbet may have also followed the Dutch practice of using ephemeral flowers to suggest the transitory nature of life and human happiness. Unlike Van Huysum and other Dutch painters known for their intricately detailed technique, Courbet used broad brushstrokes and often spread his thick paint with a palette knife.

1862 - 1891

Frédéric Mestreau, 1825 - 1891 (Château de Terrefort, near Saintes, France), possibly acquired from the artist, 1862; by inheritance within the Mestreau family, 1891.

1891 - about 1968

Mestreau Family (Château de Terrefort, near Saintes, France)

about 1968 - before 1973

Wildenstein & Co. (New York) (New York, New York)

before 1973 - 1985

Florence J. Gould, 1895 - 1983 (Cannes, France) [sold, Gould sale, Sotheby's, New York, April 24, 1985, lot 11, through Acquavella Galleries to the J. Paul Getty Museum]

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