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The Alchemist

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The Alchemist


Cornelis Bega (Dutch, 1631/1632 - 1664)






Oil on panel

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36.2 × 32.2 cm (14 1/4 × 12 11/16 in.)

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Object Description

Oblivious to his cluttered surroundings, the unkempt figure of an alchemist sits among a chaotic jumble of paraphernalia. He holds a scale while weighing out a substance for one of his experiments in making gold. By the seventeenth century, alchemy was no longer considered to be a respectable science, and its practitioners were often the subject of ridicule.

In this genre scene, Cornelis Bega commented on time wasted on materialistic and futile pursuits. Like other Dutch artists of his time, Bega was a close observer of natural appearances. Textures and surfaces of the assorted cracked clay and glass vessels are accurately described. Light pouring in through the open window and the harmonious tones of brown, gray, and blue give the painting a cozy warmth.

- 1780

Louis-César de La Baume Le Blanc, duc de La Vallière, French, 1708 - 1780 (Paris, France), upon his death, held in trust by the estate.

1780 - 1781

Estate of Louis-César de La Baume Le Blanc, duc de La Vallière, French, 1708 - 1780 [sold, La Vallière sale, Paillet, Hôtel de Bullion, Paris, February 21, 1781, lot 78, to Jacques Langlier (Lenglier).]
Source: Paillet, Paris. Catalogue des tableaux [...]. February 21, 1781 (annotated catalogue).

1781 -

Jacques Lenglier, French, 1732 - 1814 (Paris, France)

- 1827

Prince Frederick Augustus, Duke of York and Albany, 1763 - 1827 (London, England) [sold, York sale, Christie's, London, April 7, 1827, lot 93, to Norton.]

1827 -
- 1935

John Charles William Sawbridge-Erle-Drax (Bilting House, Olantigh, Wye, Kent, England) [sold, Sawbridge-Erle-Drax sale, Christie's, London, May 10, 1935, lot 70, to Davey.]

1935 -
after 1935 - 1939

Sir William Jackson Pope, 1870 - 1939 (Cambridge, England)

by 1966

Fisher Scientific Company (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

- 1984

H. Shickman Gallery (New York, New York), sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1984.

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