A Wooded Landscape

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A Wooded Landscape


Meindert Hobbema (Dutch, 1638 - 1709)






Oil on panel

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61 × 84.8 cm (24 × 33 3/8 in.)

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In the foreground, a dog laps eagerly at a pool of water while a duck dives for food. To the left, a horseman and three travelers on foot walk up the bank to a road. In the middle ground, a lone man fishes in a shallow pool that leads back to a brightly illuminated village. Sketchily painted clouds fill the sky above; sunlight filters through the grove of trees below, lighting areas of the forest and casting reflections in the water. Meindert Hobbema captured both the tranquility and transience of the natural world by masterfully rendering the effects of light and shade, smooth water, billowing clouds, and soaring birds.

by about 1750

Possibly Gordon Family, by inheritance to Mrs. Thomas Gordon.

- 1808

Possibly Mrs. Thomas Gordon (Rochester, Kent, England) [sold, Gordon sale, Christie's, London, March 2, 1808, lot 98, to Wells.]

1808 -

Possibly Wells (possibly William Wells)
Source: According to RKDH copy of catalogue, bought by [William?] Wells.

- 1829

Thomas Emmerson, Esq., died 1855 (London, England) [sold, Emmerson sale, Phillips, London, May 1, 1829, lot 170.]

by 1835 -

Harry Phillips, Esq. [sale, Philips, June 29, 1830, lot 66; bought in. (Probably jointly owned by Philips and Emmerson; see Fredericksen correspondence, Dept. file).]
Source: Annotated auctioneer's copy of the sale catalogue (Wallace Collection), B. Fredericksen, correspondence August 8, 2017 (Dept. file).


probably Harry Phillips, Esq.


and probably Thomas Emmerson, Esq., died 1855 [sale, Phillips, June 20, 1835, lot 44 (325 guineas), unknown result.]
Source: Hofstede de Groot; B. Fredericksen correspondence (Dept. file).

- 1848

Casimir Périer (Paris, France) [sold, Périer sale, Christie's, London, May 5, 1848, lot 5, to Brown.]

1848 -


by 1852 -

George Field, Esq. (London, England), possibly by inheritance to Barclay Field.

- 1893

Barclay Field, Esq., 1835 - 1892 (London, England) [sold, Field sale, Christie's, London, June 10, 1893, lot 24, to Colnaghi.]

1893 -

Colnaghi (London, England)

by 1894 - 1911

Samuel Montagu, first baron Swaythling, 1832 - 1911 (Townhill Park, Southampton, Hampshire, England), by inheritance to Louis Samuel Montagu, 1911.

1911 - 1927

Louis Samuel Montagu, second baron Swaythling, 1869 - 1927 (Townhill Park, Southampton, Hampshire, England), by inheritance to Stuart Albert Samuel Montagu, 1927.

1927 - 1946

Stuart Albert Samuel Montagu, third baron Swaythling, 1898 - 1990 (Townhill Park, Southampton, Hampshire, England) [sold, Swaythling sale, Christie's, London, July 12, 1946, lot 25 to Thomas Agnew & Sons, Ltd.]

1946 -

Thomas Agnew & Sons, Ltd. (London, England)

- 1984

Private Collection (England), sold through Thomas Agnew & Sons, Ltd. (London, England) to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1984.

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