A View of the Maas at Dordrecht

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A View of the Maas at Dordrecht


Aelbert Cuyp (Dutch, 1620 - 1691)




1645 to 1646


Oil on panel


49.8 × 107 cm (19 5/8 × 42 1/8 in.)

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A boat divides this panoramic river view, with the town of Dordrecht on the right, where the river Maas meets the sea, and the city of Zwijndrecht opposite. Although the painting looks as if it were painted at the scene, Aelbert Cuyp executed the canvas in his studio, using studies previously made outdoors. By employing an extreme horizontal format, he emphasized the flatness of the land under the wide expanse of sky. The low horizon opens out to a vast, cloud-laden sky, evoking the changeability of coastal weather. Cuyp included precise details that convey the particularities of the specific place portrayed: the boat's rigging and flag and the towns' windmills, houses, and churches.

- 1773

Johan Aegidiusz van der Marck, 1707 - 1772 (Leiden, The Netherlands) [sold, Van der Marck sale, De Winter and Yver, Amsterdam, August 25, 1773, lot 47, to Pierre Fouquet, Jr.]


Pierre Fouquet Jr., 1729 - 1800 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

by 1774

Alexandre-Joseph Paillet, 1743 - 1814 (Paris, France) [sold, Paillet sale, Paris, February 17, 1774, lot 47.]
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by 1911

Jules Porgès, 1839 - 1921 (Paris, France)

by 1914 - probably 1933

Leopold Koppel, 1854 - 1933 (Berlin, Germany), by inheritance to his son, Albert Koppel, probably 1933.

probably 1933 - still in 1947

Albert Koppel (Toronto, Canada)
Source: Email from Gerald G. Stiebel, March 23, 2004.


Kurt Walter Bachstitz Gallery, Nederlandish, 1920 - 1951 (The Hague, The Netherlands)

1949 - 1954

Rosenberg & Stiebel, Inc. (New York, New York), sold to Edward Speelman, Ltd., 1954.


Edward Speelman, Ltd. (London, England), sold to Harold Samuel, 1954.

1954 - 1983

Harold Samuel, 1912 - 1987 (London, England), sold to Edward Speelman, Ltd., 1983.


Edward Speelman, Ltd. (London, England), sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1983.

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