Portrait of the Marquesa de Santiago

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Portrait of the Marquesa de Santiago






Oil on canvas


209.6 x 126.4 cm (82 1/2 x 49 3/4 in.)

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The Marquesa de Santiago stands full-length in front of a landscape of gently sloping hills. Well-born, very wealthy, and a commanding presence, she confronts the viewer directly. Her white lace mantilla extends to her knees, and she holds a closed fan in her left hand. Heavily applied make-up accentuates her features. Known for her dissolute lifestyle, the Marquesa died at the age of forty-three, three years after this portrait was made. An English visitor to Spain once described her as "very profligate and loose in her manners and conversations, and scarcely admitted into female society…and said to boast of her nocturnal revels."

While contemporary portraitists sought to convey ideal beauty with a highly finished technique, Goya used a more expressionistic handling of the paint. Broad, quick brushstrokes describe her dark dress, and the application of thick impasto suggests the gold braid on the Marquesa's sleeve and lace of her mantilla. In the background, crude cottages and trees are merely indicated with wide, rapid sweeps of the brush.

1804 - 1807

José María Magallón y Armendáriz, marqués de San Adrián, died 1845 (Madrid, Spain)

1804 - 1807

and María de la Soledad Rodríguez de los Ríos, marquesa de Santiago, 1764 - 1807 (Madrid, Spain), commissioned from the artist, 1804; by inheritance to her son (and his stepson) by her first marriage, Antonio Maria Barnaldo de Quirós Santiago, 1807.

1807 - 1836

Antonio María Bernaldo de Quirós Monreal, marqués de Santiago, died 1836 (Madrid, Spain), by inheritance within the Santiago family.

1836 -

Santiago Family (Madrid, Spain)

by 1887 - 1917

José Mesia y Gayoso, fourth duke of Tamames, died 1917 (Biarritz, France), by inheritance to his wife, Maria de Galisteo, 1917.

1917 - about 1930

Maria de Galisteo, eighteenth duchess of Tamames (Biarritz, France), sold to a private collector, about 1930.

about 1930 - by 1982

Private Collection (Switzerland), consigned to Harari and Johns, by 1982; half-share sold to Artemis Fine Arts Ltd., by 1982.

by 1982 - 1983

Private Collection (Switzerland)

by 1982 - 1983

and Artemis Fine Arts Ltd. (London, England), sold, through Harari and Johns (London, England) and Eugene Thaw (New York, New York), to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1983.

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