Pictura (An Allegory of Painting)

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Pictura (An Allegory of Painting)


Frans van Mieris the Elder (Dutch, 1635 - 1681)






Oil on copper


12.7 × 8.9 cm (5 × 3 1/2 in.)

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Images depicting the allegory of art were traditionally used to classify painting as one of the liberal arts. A woman, usually idealized, personifies Pictura (Painting) and holds objects vital to artistic creation. In her left hand she holds a palette, brushes, and a small plaster sculpture that served as a model for larger works. Around her neck she wears a mask on a chain, which may refer to art's ability to deceive through the art of illusion.

Frans van Mieris the Elder adopted the antique model of Pictura but updated it for his time. The model is not classically beautiful or idealized; she is an average young woman observed from everyday Dutch life.

Van Mieris the Elder was Gerrit Dou's most promising student in the school of fijnschilders (fine painters) in Leiden in the 1600s. The highly finished quality of this painting is an excellent example of this style of painting.

before 1690

Private Collection (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Source: Seen by Gerard de Lairesse before he went blind in 1690.


Possibly Deher


Probably Johannes Lubbeling (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

- 1759

Pieter Leendert de Neufville, died 1759 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


Leendert Pieter de Neufville, Dutch, 1729 - 1797 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), [sold, Leendert de Neufville sale, Amsterdam, June 19, 1765, lot 62, to Johan Aegidiusz van der Marck.]

- 1773

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1773 -

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1780 -

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by 1781 - 1787

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Source: Recorded in collection 1781.

1787 - 1794

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Alexis Delahante, French, 1767 - 1837 (London, England; Paris, France)


Charles Ferdinand d'Artois, Duc de Berri, 1778 - 1820 (Paris, France), by inheritance to Marie Caroline de Bourbon, 1820.
Source: PI: Collectors File: Recorded in posthumous inventory of 1820.

1820 - 1837

Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Sicile, duchesse de Berry, 1798 - 1870 (Paris, France; Venice, Italy) [unsold, Berry sale, Christie's, London, April 1834, lot 57; sold, Berry sale, Bataillard, Paris, April 4, 1837, lot 68, through Durand-Daclos to "Mr. Hoppe."]
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- 1849

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1897 - 1929

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Frank Partridge & Sons, Ltd., English, founded 1902 (London, England)

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1939 - still in 1965

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1965 - 1982

Van Aalst Family, sold through Gustav Cramer to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1982.

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