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View of Gaiola


Pierre-Jacques Volaire (French, 1729 - 1799)




1770 to 1790


Oil on canvas


66 × 95.9 cm (26 × 37 3/4 in.)

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Pierre-Jacques Volaire's sensitivity to detail enriches this study of a "modern" villa built on the site of ancient Roman ruins. Volaire's scene recalls the fête galante, a fanciful vision of well-dressed men and women enjoying themselves in the open air popularized by Antoine Watteau earlier in the century. Volaire's fluent execution and lyricism fit his subject's romantic, light-hearted subject. The groups of figures are differentiated by subtle variations, from silhouetting the figures in the boat on the left to illuminating the fishmongers and their customers in the center.

By the time he painted this picture, Volaire, who settled in Naples in 1769, had become a one-man assembly line for paintings of Mount Vesuvius in moonlight. These theatrical works exemplified the eighteenth century's fascination with the sublime: a noble and lofty feeling of awe inspired by natural phenomena.

- 1954

Gerald Roberts Reitlinger, 1900 - 1978 (London, England) [sold, Reitlinger sale, Sotheby's, London, November 10, 1954, lot 51, to Galerie Cailleux.]

1954 -

Galerie Cailleux

- 1975

Private Collection (Paris, France), sold to Heim Gallery, 1975.


Heim Gallery (Paris) (Paris, France), sold to J. Paul Getty, 1975.

1975 - 1976

J. Paul Getty, American, 1892 - 1976 (Malibu, California; Sutton Place, Surrey, England), upon his death, held in trust by the estate.

1976 - 1978

Estate of J. Paul Getty, American, 1892 - 1976, distributed to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1978.

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The Golden Age of Naples: Art and Civilization Under the Bourbons 1734 - 1805 (August 11, 1981 to March 8, 1982)
  • The Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit), August 11 to November 1, 1981
  • The Art Institute of Chicago, January 16 to March 8, 1982

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