[Self-Portrait in the Garden]

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[Self-Portrait in the Garden]


Hippolyte Bayard (French, 1801 - 1887)




Paris, France, Europe (Place created)




Salted paper print


16.5 × 12.3 cm (6 1/2 × 4 13/16 in.)

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One of several self-portraits by amateur gentleman photographer Hippolyte Bayard in the Getty Museum's Collection, this example presents Bayard as a man of the middle class. Although not dressed to plunge his hands in the earth, he looks at home in his garden, surrounded by the commonplace tools of the trade: a barrel, a rustic vase, empty terracotta pots, a watering can, a ladder, and a trellis. The beginning of a vine adorns the trellis and new growth appears at his feet, both of which suggest a new season for the garden as well as the gardener. His confident, proud stance suggests that Bayard was also a gentleman gardener very keen to identify himself with his pastime.

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