Sèvres, The Seine at Meudon

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Sèvres, The Seine at Meudon


Henri-Victor Regnault (French, 1810 - 1878)
Alphonse-Louis Poitevin (French, 1819 - 1882)




France (Place depicted)


negative about 1853; print 1855 - 1860


Carbon print


31.1 × 42.7 cm (12 1/4 × 16 13/16 in.)

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The river Seine is a polished mirror: not a ripple or wave disturbs the glassy surface of the water. Though they are the only contemporary clues in an otherwise timeless setting, the boats moored at the center do not seem like vessels of travel at all as they jut out from the banks like low-lying docks. Everything is quiet in this scene. Although the sun dances in shadows across the path, gently kissing with light the building simply labeled Dupre, not a single passer-by strolls along. Seemingly no one is awake except the photographer, quietly recording the landscape and town at rest.

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