Pair of Armchairs

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Pair of Armchairs


Georges Jacob (French, 1739 - 1814, master 1765)




Paris, France (Place created)


about 1790 - 1792


Painted beechwood and modern silk upholstery

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Furniture became increasing specialized in the 1700s in France, as craftsmen produced objects for use at every occasion. Chairs came in a variety of shapes and sizes and were one of the most important features in a formal reception room. They were designed either as chaises courants(literally, running chairs), to be moved around the room as needed, or chaises meublants(fixed chairs), to be placed against the wall as part of the interior architecture.

This pair of armchairs, designed by one of the most famous French chairmakers in the late 1700s, was probably placed in the middle of the room and grouped as required. They are imaginatively carved in the Neoclassical manner, with fluting, rosettes, stars, and stylized leaves.