Tapestry: La Collation, from L'Histoire de l'empereur de la Chine Series

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Tapestry: La Collation, from L'Histoire de l'empereur de la Chine Series


After cartoons by Guy-Louis Vernansal (French, 1648 - 1729)

and Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (French, 1636 - 1699)

and Jean-Baptiste Belin de Fontenay (French, 1653 - 1715)

Beauvais Manufactory (French, founded 1664)

woven under the direction of Philippe Béhagle (French, 1641 - 1705)




about 1697 - 1705


Wool and silk


309.9 x 422.9 cm (122 x 166 1/2 in.)

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Surrounded by attendants and seated at a round table before a tiled, outdoor pavilion, the Chinese emperor and empress enjoy a light meal. While the imperial couple are served tea and fruit, a servant reaches up behind them to remove a platter from a buffet of golden dishes and blue-and-white porcelain arranged in the European fashion. Seated on a stool to the left, a female musician with a monkey at her feet plays a stringed instrument resembling a sitar. In the center, a dwarf dances to her music, while to the right a maid drops incense into a golden incense burner.

A large carpet covers the platform on which the emperor and empress sit. The edge of the carpet is woven with the inscription of Guy-Louis Vernansal, who was the chief designer of the tapestry series known as The Story of the Emperor of China.

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