Arrival of Saint Ursula at Cologne

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Arrival of Saint Ursula at Cologne


Bernardo Daddi (Italian (Florentine), active about 1312 - 1348)




Florence, Tuscany, Italy (Place created)


about 1333


Tempera and gold leaf on panel


66 x 67.9 cm (26 x 26 3/4 in.)

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Three boats approach the German city of Cologne where Saint Ursula, on her way back north after a pilgrimage to Rome, was martyred with the strike of an arrow. Ursula sits under a baldachin in the stern of the foreground boat; two of her virgin companions reach out toward the shore. The middle boat carries Pope Ciriacus and his bishops. More of Ursula's attendants follow in the last boat. Banners depicting the arms of Ursula and Ciriacus fly from the bow of each vessel.

Originally forming the left wing of a triptych with the Crucifixion in the center, this panel was made for the church of Santa Orsola in Florence. The subject, although common in Northern Europe, was rare in Tuscany. Daddi's treatment of the subject is also quite unusual. The panel is filled with surprising, naturalistic details like the frothing river produced by the oars and the boat's advancing prow.

about1333/1345 - 1435

Sant'Orsola (Florence, Italy), commissioned from the artist, about 1333/1345.

possibly about 1435 - still in 1792

Convento di Sant'Agata (Florence, Italy), possibly moved from Sant'Orsola when the nuns moved to Sant'Agata, about 1435.

- 1879

Frances Elizabeth Anne Braham Waldegrave, countess Waldegrave, 1821 - 1879 (Strawberry Hill, Middlesex, England), by inheritance to her fourth husband, Chichester Samuel Fortescue, 1879.

1879 - 1883

Chichester Samuel Parkinson-Fortescue, first baron Carlingford, 1823 - 1898 (London, England) [sold, Carlingford sale, Venton, Bull, Cooper, Strawberry Hill, July 30, 1883, lot 908.]

- 1923

Aimee Geraldine Bradshaw Stern, baroness Michelham, 1882 - 1927 (London, England; Strawberry Hill, Middlesex, England; Paris, France) [sold, Michelham sale, Knight, Frank, Rutley, Strawberry Hill, May 30, 1923, lot 579, to Durlacher Brothers, 1923.]


Durlacher Brothers (London, England; New York, New York), sold to Adolphe and Suzanne Stoclet, 1923.

1923 - 1949

Adolphe Stoclet, 1871 - 1949 (Brussels, Belgium)

1923 - 1949

and Suzanne Stoclet, died 1949 (Brussels, Belgium), transferred to Immobilière SAS, 1949.


Immobilière SAS (Brussels, Belgium), by inheritance to Michèle Stoclet, 1949.

1949 - 1965

Michèle Stoclet (Brussels, Belgium; Barcelona, Spain) [sold, Stoclet sale, Sotheby's, London, June 30, 1965, lot 18, to Hodder and Stoughton.]


Hodder and Stoughton, sold to Frederick Mont, Inc., and Newhouse Galleries, 1965.

1965 - 1970

Frederick Mont, Inc. (New York, New York)

1965 - 1970

and Newhouse Galleries (New York, New York), sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1970.

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