[Man with Carpentry Tools]

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[Man with Carpentry Tools]


Unknown maker, American




about 1848


Daguerreotype, hand-colored

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For his daguerreotype portrait, this carpenter chose to be shown with the tools of his trade: a bench plane and miter saw. Curlicues of wood shavings suggest actual work in progress, but the static quality of his pose and the blank backdrop indicate that the portrait was made in the photographer's studio rather than the carpenter's workroom. Despite such obvious staging, this worker stands proudly with his tools, looking directly at the camera.

before 1974 -

George R. Rinhart, American
Source: George R. Rinhart, Litchfield, CT, "Catalogue 9," 1974, no. 124 (illustrated).

- 1984

Arnold Crane, American, 1932 - 2014, sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1984.

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