Madonna and Child

Object Details


Madonna and Child


Workshop of Paolo Uccello (Italian, about 1397 - 1475)




Italy (Place created)


about 1470 - 1475


Tempera on panel


Panel: 53.3 × 41.9 × 3.8 cm (21 × 16 1/2 × 1 1/2 in.)

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This delicately modeled Madonna and Child displays a type of hushed beauty lost with the advent of the High Renaissance style in Italy. Once artists began using one-point perspective to present landscapes, architecture, and figures in three well-rounded dimensions, painting became a window on the physical world rather than merely the spiritual one.

In an effort to "open up" the scene, the artist from Paolo Uccello's workshop placed a landscape behind the Virgin and Christ. Instead of trying to show depth, however, the countryside simply forms a pattern of almost abstract trees and zigzags. The resulting design has a flatness and regularity that subtly enlivens the picture and complements the elusive three-dimensionality of the figure group.

An earlier owner of this painting partly rubbed off the Madonna's bronze halo during a cleaning, perhaps assuming that there would be gold underneath.

- 1952

Joseph Shine (Dublin, Ireland), sold to Sestieri and Jack Baer, 1952.

1952 - 1959


1952 - 1959

and Sir Jack Baer (London, England), sold to Thomas S. Hyland, 1959.
Source: Jack Baer, verbally February 1981.

1959 - 1970

Thomas S. Hyland (Greenwich, Connecticut), sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1970.

Mostra di quattro maestri del primo Rinascimento (April 22 to July 12, 1954) (24 bis; "attributed to Paolo Uccello")
  • Palazzo Strozzi (Florence), April 22 to July 12, 1954

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