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Attributed to André-Charles Boulle (French, 1642 - 1732, master before 1666)




about 1710


Gilt bronze


77.5 x 81.3 cm (30 1/2 x 32 in.)

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Each element of this chandelier-the curving arms, drip pans, and candle holders--is stamped with a crowned C, showing that the chandelier must have been either repaired or resold between 1745 and 1749. In February 1745, Louis XV, king of France, issued an order that all new and old objects made entirely or partly of copper be taxed. As a result, all pieces that passed through the workshops of the bronze casters and dealers between these years bear the small stamp showing that the tax had been paid.

The chandelier's small size indicates that it was probably made for a library or private apartment. Its shape and square section arms are characteristic of the work of André-Charles Boulle. An engraving published in 1710 by Daniel Marot inspired this design.


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