Pair of Vases (pot-pourri à bobèches)

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Pair of Vases (pot-pourri à bobèches)


Painted by Charles-Nicolas Dodin (French, 1734 - 1803, active at Sèvres, France from 1754)

after engraved designs by David Teniers the Younger (Flemish, 1610 - 1690)

Sèvres Manufactory (French, active 1756 - present)




Sèvres, France (Place created)




Soft paste porcelain, pink and green ground colors, colored enamel decoration and gilding

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Designed to hold two candles each, this pair of vases would have formed part of a garniture of similarly decorated vessels. The decoration on these vessels–pink and green ground colors and scenes based on seventeenth-century paintings–typifies the Rococo style used at the Sèvres porcelain manufactory around 1760. Charles-Nicolas Dodin based the rustic scene of a standing couple on a painting by the Flemish artist David Teniers the Younger.

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