[First View of the Valley]

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[First View of the Valley]


Carleton Watkins (American, 1829 - 1916)




Yosemite, California, United States (Place created)


about 1866


Albumen silver print


41.1 x 52.4 cm (16 3/16 x 20 5/8 in.)

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Carleton Watkins positioned his camera in what appears to be midair, capturing the breathtaking effect of the view of Yosemite Valley on first-time visitors. The wonder and amazement led one spectator to proclaim, ''I can tell you nothing of the beauty and grandeur of the scenery--I could not speak, my breath was gone . . . .It is truly the great work of God." Such a remark reveals that Watkins's photographs confirmed the sense of wonder celebrated in America's grand wilderness.

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