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Interior with Soldiers and Women

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Interior with Soldiers and Women


Jacob Duck (Dutch, about 1600 - 1667)




about 1650


Oil on panel

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42.9 × 61.6 cm (16 7/8 × 24 1/4 in.)

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Gift of J. Paul Getty

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Object Description

Framed by an arched doorway, two soldiers sit smoking, drinking, and chatting with a young woman who sits casually on tiled steps. Behind the woman, a warm light enters to permeate the setting and the objects and figures within. To the right, another woman descends a dark staircase and prepares to enter the room. In the foreground a jumble of objects--rifles, armor, a drum, a pipe, an overturned pail, and yellow drapery--form a more complicated still life grouping. On the back wall, a wooden rack holds pewter plates, crockery, and spoons. This genre scene, an unidealized view of everyday life, illustrates Jacob Duck's shrewd observation of costumes, setting, and objects, as well as his ability to render the surfaces of metal, stone, cloth, and wood.

- 1793

Duc de Choiseul-Praslin (Paris, France) [sold, Choiseul-Praslin sale, Paillet, Paris, February 18, 1793, lot 114, to Alexandre Joseph Paillet.]

1793 -

Alexandre-Joseph Paillet, 1743 - 1814 (Paris, France)
Source: Paillet, Paris. Catalogue des tableaux précieux, February 18, 1793, manuscript annotation.


Comte Henri Greffulhe, French, 1848 - 1932

by 1910 - 1911

Adolphe Schloss, 1842 - 1910 (Paris, France), by inheritance to his wife, Lucie Schloss, 1911.

1911 - 1938

Lucie (Haas) Schloss, 1858 - 1938 (Paris, France), by inheritance to her children, Marguerite Schloss, Lucien Schloss, Henri Schloss, Raymond Schloss, and Juliette (Schloss) Weil, 1938.

1938 - 1943

Marguerite Schloss, 1879 - 1959 (Paris, France; Château de Chambon, Laguenne near Tulle, France) and Lucien Schloss, 1881 - 1962 (Paris, France; Château de Chambon, Laguenne near Tulle, France) and Henri Schloss, 1882 - 1964 (Paris, France; Château de Chambon, Laguenne near Tulle, France) and Raymond Schloss (Paris, France; Château de Chambon, Laguenne near Tulle, France) and Juliette (Schloss) Weil, born 1885 (Paris, France; Château de Chambon, Laguenne near Tulle, France), looted by the Vichy Government of France, 1943.


In the possession of the Vichy government of France (Chambon, France; Paris, France), sequestered by the French State Museums at the Musée du Louvre, 1943.

1943 - 1946

Musée du Louvre (Paris, France), restituted to the Adolphe Schloss Family, July 1946.

1946 - 1951

Schloss Family (Paris, France) [sold, Schloss sale, Galerie Charpentier, Rheims & Baudoin, Paris, December 5, 1951, lot 18, to Rosenberg & Stiebel, Incorporated.]


Rosenberg & Stiebel, Inc. (New York, New York), sold to J. Paul Getty, 1951.

1951 - 1970

J. Paul Getty, American, 1892 - 1976 (Malibu, California; Sutton Place, Surrey, England), donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1970.

Loan Exhibition of Dutch Paintings G. [sic] Paul Getty Collection (1952)
  • Los Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art (Los Angeles), 1952
Baroque Masters from the J. Paul Getty Museum (February 26 to March 30, 1973)
  • California State University (Northridge), February 26 to March 30, 1973

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